Tracinda Corporation

Primary Address:
150 Rodeo Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
United States

Investor Information:
Founded: 1976
Founder: Kirk Kerkorian
Website: n/a

Tracinda Corporation is a privately held Nevada corporation formerly owned by Kirk Kerkorian. Established in 1957, this privately-held conglomerate has made a lasting impact across diverse industries, shrouding itself in a veil of discretion while continually shaping the global business landscape.

Kirk Kerkorian founded Tracinda with an indomitable spirit and his relentless pursuit of opportunities led to the diversification of Tracinda’s portfolio, emphasizing a long-term vision.

The automotive industry holds a unique place in Tracinda’s history. Kerkorian was a pivotal figure in brokering a deal between Chrysler and the United Auto Workers union, which ultimately saved the company from bankruptcy in 1980. This intervention helped strengthen Tracinda’s reputation as a shrewd corporate player.

Tracinda Corporation held a significant stake in one of the world’s most renowned casino and resort operators – MGM Resorts International. This strategic investment has provided Tracinda with substantial influence in the gaming industry. Over the years, MGM Resorts has emerged as a key player in the Las Vegas and global hospitality markets.

Tracinda Corporation’s involvement in Hollywood goes beyond casual interest. Kerkorian’s vision extended to the film industry, where he acquired Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios on multiple occasions, thereby impacting the entertainment world’s dynamics. His bold moves, like selling MGM in 1969 and reacquiring it in 1986, demonstrated the corporation’s flexibility and calculated risk-taking approach.

Kirk Kerkorian’s passion for aviation found its way into Tracinda’s operations. He founded Trans International Airlines (TIA) in the early 1960s, which became a significant carrier during its time. Although the airline is no longer operational, its legacy and impact on the aviation industry are remarkable and reflect Kerkorian’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Key Contact: Kirk Kerkorian, Founder & CEO

Geographic Focus: United States

Notable Activist Investments:

* This profile is maintained in memoriam of Kirk Kerkorian (June 6, 1917 – June 15, 2015).

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