Graham-Newman Corporation

Primary Address:
52 Wall St.
New York, NY 10005
United States

Investor Information:
Founded: 1936
Founders: Benjamin Graham & Jerome Newman
Website: n/a

Graham-Newman Corporation, established in 1926 amidst the roaring twenties, etched its name as an enduring icon in the financial landscape. This stalwart entity, founded by Benjamin Graham and Jerome Newman, has remained an enigmatic force, shaping the investment world in ways unbeknownst to the average observer.

Graham-Newman’s inception, overshadowed by the giddy euphoria of the market boom, was not without trials. Its launch coincided with the looming crash of 1929, forcing the company to prove its resilience from the very outset. Miraculously, the corporation not only survived the Great Depression but thrived, leaving an indelible mark on the value investing philosophy that would ripple across generations.

Unlike its more celebrated offspring, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Graham-Newman has historically eschewed the limelight. Yet, despite its relative obscurity, astute investors recognize the Graham-Newman Corporation as the vanguard of some of the most iconic investment principles in history.

One of the lesser-known aspects of Graham-Newman’s strategy is its pioneering use of “Special Situations” investments. Graham, regarded as the “father of value investing,” devised this approach to uncover undervalued assets and opportunities that escaped mainstream attention. Through his unique lens, the corporation navigated through complex corporate events, mergers, and reorganizations, amassing wealth discreetly, and often outperforming the broader market.

Graham-Newman’s understated approach belies its pivotal role in mentoring some of the greatest investment minds of all time. Most notably, the corporation nurtured the precocious talents of Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha himself. The sage wisdom of Graham served as a guiding light for young Buffett, igniting the spark that would eventually define modern value investing. To this day, echoes of Graham’s teachings can be heard in every word uttered by the billionaire investor.

What remains shrouded in mystery is Graham-Newman’s closely guarded investment performance. The corporation’s penchant for discretion means that a comprehensive record of its long-term returns eludes the public eye. However, whispers among insiders suggest that the corporation’s track record could rival even the most celebrated success stories on Wall Street.

Graham-Newman seized operation and was liquidated in 1956 upon Benjamin Graham’s retirement.

Key Contact: Benjamin Graham, Co-Founder & President

Geographic Focus: United States

Notable Activist Investments:

  • Northern Pipe Line Co.

* This profile is maintained in memoriam of Benjamin Graham (May 8, 1894 – September 21, 1976).

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